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Waxhaw, NC
Mon - Fri 9:00 - 6:00

Small Business Experts InStarting Your Business,Growing Your Business, Marketing Strategy, Financial Planning, Business Plans, Strategy Development, Being Your Partner!

Your Business Partner


Your Non-Equity Business Partner

We help existing and prospective small business owners and entrepreneurs navigate the complex world of starting and developing an actionable business plan, marketing plan, and financial plan.

We provide a support network of small business owners that are willing to share their experiences and learning.
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Helping Small Business Owners Beat The Odds

Let us help you develop your marketing plan and take your business to another level.  With years of expertise in Marketing, Sales, and Analytics, we will work with you a measurable plan.  Together we can define the right approach, and if needed, find you an expert marketing firm to execute your plan.  

A business owner should never have to wear all hats, only where they feel strongest and delegate where they aren't.  Don't be another statistic, get a business coach now.
financial help
one on one
MiDo Consulting has been in business since 2019, but we have been providing Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs valuable insights and strategies for over 20 years. 

We work with you to develop action plans to start and grow your business.  

General Questions

This must be expensive
MiDo Consulting is focused on helping all business owners understand their Return on Investment, including our fees.  We will make sure you are growing.
What should I expect during my free consult?
Expect an in-depth discussion on your pain points and troubled areas.  We will review how MiDo Consulting may help you.  If we can't help for whatever reason, we will point you in the right direction at no cost.
Why MiDo Consulting?
We have been working with Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs for over 24 years.  With expertise in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Analytics we bring a different perspective to your business.  We are here to help you save money, and make wise investments that generate positive ROI, for every dollar spent.
Where are you located?
We work remotely, which lowers our cost and saving you money.   That also means we will meet you at your location, a coffee shop, virtually, by phone at expanded hours.  We want to be on your schedule, running a business is hard enough.

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